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    New Moccachino colour for the Exterior collection

    New Moccachino colour for the Exterior collection

    We have great news for all those who love our outdoor design icons, but who wants a different colour than Dove White. Dove white has been an incredibly popular colour for exclusive hotel areas and patios, and with the Exterior Collection we have managed to make exclusive furniture previously reserved for indoor use fit for outdoor furniture.


    We are continuing this trend with a new colour - Moccachino. This light brown nuance gives the furniture a subtle exclusive expression. The discrete Moccachino colour fits beautifully with different types of wooden terraces and tiles as well as the garden itself.


    All the models in the Exterior Collection are made from Alurattan fitted with weather resistant

    ArtFibre. The material is maintenance-free and can withstand outdoor use all year round.

    French bistro chairs for outdoor use - Alu Affaire

    French bistro chairs for outdoor use - Alu Affaire

    We have changed the recipe for four of our existing models from the Affaire collection so they can resist all sorts of weather conditions. The new bistro chairs are made with a frame of aluminium instead of rattan, the wicker is made from the same maintenance-free material ArtFibre as the rest of the Affaire collection. ArtFibre has a comfortable structure that gives the furniture the same flexibility and comfort as natural rattan.


    The four new bistro chairs are available with a white frame and white and cappuccino-coloured wicker. All four chairs have the size to fit a dining table, two of the models have armrests, so you can have your pick, depending on which style your prefer and how much space you have. For large quantities, the chair can be made to order in a variety of colour combinations.


    The bistro chairs can be used by anyone who wants a bit of French bistro ambience in the garden or on the terrace, without having to worry about storage or maintenance. And of course, the chairs are also particularly suitable for cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating, where bistro chairs made from rattan do not last for very long.

    New lounge set in the Georgia garden collection

    New lounge set in the Georgia garden collection

    Since the launch of the Georgia Garden collection, we have successfully furnished gardens and orangeries with these romantic colonial style pieces of furniture. The Georgia Garden collection is a perfect fit for an outdoor lunch or cup of coffee, but with our new lounge set, you can also put your feet up or enjoy a before-dinner drink in the open air.

    We have added a 3-seater sofa and the lounge chair Carrie to the Georgia Garden collection. This spacious and comfortable lounge set will bring an air of exclusivity to any outdoor environment. The set is fitted with high quality cushions, and you can choose freely among a range of great fabrics.

    Like the rest of the Georgia Garden collection, the lounge set is made from the maintenance-free material ArtFibre. ArtFibre has a very comfortable structure, which gives the furniture the same flexibility and comfort as natural rattan. The furniture can stay outside all year round.

    Rossini Side Chair

    Rossini Side Chair

    We have removed the armrest from our most popular chair

     The Rossini chair is a true classic. It is our most popular chair, and we have successfully sold it to customers all over the world for more than 20 years. The popularity is due to the versatility of the chair –the chair fits many purposes and different types of décor. The natural rattan suits dining tables of various materials in your living room or in your holiday home.


    It is a chair you can stay comfortably in for several hours after the dinner is over, and you can do so for many years. The Rossini chair is not only beautiful; it is also very comfortable and hardwearing.


    Up until now, we have only featured the classic model in different colours in our assortment, but now we have listened to our customers’ requests and produced a version without armrests. The chair has the same qualities as the original with the advantage that it takes up less room, which is important for those of our customers who use the chair for their restaurants and hotels.

    Meet Fratellino the little brother of the beautiful Belladonna

    Meet Fratellino the little brother of the beautiful Belladonna

    Fratellino is Italian for little brother and the name of Sika Design’s latest contribution to the ICONS collection. Our new Fratellino is a decorative trolley made from rattan and it is, as implied by the name, originally designed by the Italian design duo Franco Albini and Franca Helg in 1951. They were both renowned architects and designers and had a professional relationship from the beginning of the 1950s up until the death of Franco Albini in 1977. In their rattan furniture design, they became widely known for merging modern minimalistic design with traditional Italian craftsmanship.


    ”We were fortunate to find the original sketches for Fratellino in Franco Albini’s design archives along with those for the beautiful Belladonna sofa we introduced in 2015. We feel very honoured that we have been given access to these achieves, and not least that we have been given the rights to produce these beautiful Italian designs more than 60 years after they were introduced the first time”, says Louise Andreasen, CEO, Sika Design.


    Fratellino serves as a trolley, which is easy to move around as needed. It can be used for both serving and storage. It fits perfectly next to the Belladonna sofa and it also fits the style of the remaining ICONS designs from the same collection. Due to the sculptural ornamented design, Fratellino, can also function as a decorative piece on its own. →




    Fratellino Trolley

    Width: 54 CM

    Height: 73 CM

    Depth: 55 CM