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We have been digging deep in the Danish design archives and found yet another beautiful piece of iconic furniture from one of our darling Danish designers Viggo Boesen. We already produce the chair Fox by Viggo Boesen, and now we introduce Fox’ big brother Teddy to our ICONS collection. Based on original drawings from 1941, we have reproduced the design of this sculptural wing chair Teddy. Teddy is Viggoe Boesen’s take on the popular wing chair from the mid 19th century shaped organically in the natural material rattan. The design is bold and ambitious and in this material, the very first of its kind.
Viggo Boesen (1907-1985) designed a number of rattan and upholstery furniture, which was constructed according to his philosophy, that furniture should have an organic flow and embrace the body smoothly and tenderly, and should be a delight to the eye, but also be solid and durable.
Viggo Boesen’s original pieces are today collector’s items, and they are sold on auctions worldwide. His upholstery chair Petra was last year sold at the Danish Auction Bruun Rasmussen for the prize of €41.500. This chair, that we have given the name Teddy is currently on sale at the New York online auction 1stdibs in its original version for the prize of €7000.
Specifications: Teddy lounge chair Width: 85 Height: 87 Depth: 99 Seat height: 22 835,00 EUR (RRP)
Teddy footstool Width: 54 Height: 32 Depth: 50 Seat height: 32 319,00 EUR (RRP)
About Sika-Design The company Sika-Design is a merger between the two very first manufacturers of rattan furniture in Scandinavia: Horsnæs a/s (1940) and Sika Møbler a/s (1950) Ever since the day of founding, both companies have specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of high quality rattan and wicker furniture – custom-made and manufactured to European standards and conditions. Sika Møbler was founded by Ankjær Andreasen, and today both 2nd and 3rd generation is joined in Sika-Design.