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Sika Design relaunches the classic Lloyd Loom paper weave

  • 2 min read

New furniture collection from Sika-Design combines raw natural rattan cane with the elegantly woven Lloyd Loom material in a wide-ranging assortment that includes dining chairs, armchairs, sofa groups and a chaise lounge and trolley.


"In this company we all love rattan, but we are also crazy about the beautiful Loom material. We have spent many years creating an extensive rattan portfolio and now I felt it was time to give the Loom material, that we’ve actually maintained a small collection of since 1990, a revival. We have taken a starting point in our original Loom collection and created a new collection with a lovely grey colour and found the perfect expression where we leave the rattan frame in the natural state and, as far as possible, visible on the various Loom models”, explains Louise Andreasen, CEO of Sika Design.


The paper weave method used for Sika-Design's new collection was invented in 1917 by the American entrepreneur Marshall Burns Lloyd. The rattan material was a shortcoming in the post-war world, so he invented an alternative material by twisting kraft paper around a metal wire, after which it was woven on a loom and later mounted on a frame. The method was named Lloyd Loom, and it has been used for furniture production ever since.


"Not only is Loom an incredible hard-wearing material, it also has a very nice and exclusive finish. The ambition behind this new collection has been to create a series of luxury rattan furniture, which, thanks to the fine-woven Loom material, has an elegant expression. We find that this line of furniture is in high demand from luxury hotels and cruise ships all over the world, and we look very much forward to take it to the market", says Louise Andreasen, CEO of Sika-Design.