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Viggo Boesen

Viggo Boesen (1907-1985) was a Danish architect who contributed to the Danish design aesthetics in the 1930s. From his workshop, Viggo designed a number of rattan and upholstery furniture, which was constructed according to his philosophy: Furniture should have an organic flow and embrace the body smoothly and tenderly. They should be a delight to the eye, but also be solid and durable.

The Fox chair was the first of many furniture pieces from Viggo Boesen and with that he won the design competition, held by the Danish wicker-maker guild in 1936. His inspiring, imaginative designs made him unique and put him among the designers of the “Danish Golden Age.”

Explore our iconic pieces by Viggo Boesen

Fox lounge chair

The Fox lounge chair is a statement lounge chair for both modern and contemporary living spaces. In 1936 Viggo Boesen won the design competition, that the Danish wicker-maker guild held, with his Fox lounge chair.

The Fox chair is also available in an outdoor version, the Fox Exterior lounge chair.

Teddy lounge chair & footstool

The Teddy lounge chair and complementary Teddy footstool was designed in 1936 - the same year as the Fox lounge chair.

The chair was named Teddy due to the design that resembles a bear hug. The name both describes the appearance of the chair, and the feeling when leaning back into the lounge chair.

The Teddy furniture is also found in outdoor versions, the Teddy Exterior lounge chair and Teddy Exterior footstool.