Tove Kindt-Larsen

Tove Kindt-Larsen (1906-1994) was one of Denmark’s most prominent designers from the 1930s to the 1960s. With a high sense of quality and appreciation of current trends she did pioneering work with rattan where many of her designs were inspired by nature.

In 1937 Tove Kindt-Larsen won the 1. price in the Cabinetmakers Guild competition. Same year, Danish Reeds Guild organized a competition for wicker furniture, where Tove Kindt-Larsen won the 3. price for the “Swing” wicker chair.

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The Tulip lounge chair and Tulip sofa is designed by Tove Kindt-Larsen, and was originally produced by Robert W. in the 1940s. The design has unified comfort, craftsmanship and timelessness. The feminine look is a great example of the talent Tove had for furniture design.

The lounge chair is also available in an outdoor version, the Tulip Exterior lounge chair.