Rossini Side Chair

  • 1 min read

We have removed the armrest from our most popular chair

 The Rossini chair is a true classic. It is our most popular chair, and we have successfully sold it to customers all over the world for more than 20 years. The popularity is due to the versatility of the chair –the chair fits many purposes and different types of décor. The natural rattan suits dining tables of various materials in your living room or in your holiday home.


It is a chair you can stay comfortably in for several hours after the dinner is over, and you can do so for many years. The Rossini chair is not only beautiful; it is also very comfortable and hardwearing.


Up until now, we have only featured the classic model in different colours in our assortment, but now we have listened to our customers’ requests and produced a version without armrests. The chair has the same qualities as the original with the advantage that it takes up less room, which is important for those of our customers who use the chair for their restaurants and hotels.