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A guide to our Downloadcenter 

You can access our Downloadcenter here on our website. A login is not required. Here you can download product images, assembly instructions and press releases – among many other things.

Link to Downloadcenter can be found in the top bar on our website, and under the menu item "For professionals".

Go to Downloadscenter

You will find these sections

For professionals

In the folder "For professionals" you will find 3D models of our furniture, datasheets, videos, assembly instructions, color samples, information on sustainability, our logo, pictures from our latest fairs and product images with shadows for webshops.

Press release

In the folder "Press Release" you will find our latest press releases. These are available as PDF. Under each press release, you will also find related in-situ images as well as packshots in high resolution.

Product images

The folder "Product Images" contains all our product images - both in-situ and packshots. The images can be downloaded in high resolution. You can navigate the images either by collection or category.

Our designers

In the folder "Our Designers" information about our iconic designers is found. Here you find images and information about the designers as well as their iconic designs within our range. 

Using the search function

You can search for items using the product name or article number. When searching by article number, be aware of whether the color code is included, as the color code will sort out datasheets and 3D models.

If you want to download files related to multiple products, you can choose to search for more products at once. You search for multiple items using a comma to separate the searches, such as "Robert, Carlo, Margret" or "WG-12, 4027, 1003".

Sharing links

If you want to share files from our Downloadcenter, it is possible to share multiple files at once.

First, find the items that you want to share by using the search function as previously described. Then select the specific files to be shared. This is done by clicking on the checkbox in the upper left corner of the selected files.

Then click on the "Share" button located in the bar that has appeared at the top of the page. This generates a custom link to the selected files.

You can choose whether it should be a time-limited link or a link that never expires.