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    At Restaurant Anomia in Kerteminde, very close to our headquaters you will find Pluto chairs and Atlas tables from from our Avantgarde collection. All models in our Avantgarde collection are for strong outdoor use and can withstand the changing seasons. Several models are stackable and available in different styles and colors.

    In this install: 

    Pluto Chair

    Atlas Table


    50 meters from Falsled habour on the southern part
    of the Insel Funen you will find beautiful Falsled Inn.
    Falsled Inn is known for serving gourmet danish
    and french dishes with focus on seasonal local
    ingredients. Dawn and Charlot from our Georgia
    Garden collection furnish the outdoor sorroundings
    in perfect harmony with the charming garden.

    In this install: 
    Dawn Lounge Chair
    Charlot Chair


    Close to our company adress in the beautiful city by the sea, Kerteminde,
    you will find amazing restaurant Rudolf Mathis. Rudolf Mathis has been
    serving fantastic seafood for more than 30 years. Rudolf Mathis is furnished
    with Marie chairs from our Georgia garden collection, both inside and
    outside. All models in Georgia garden can be used outdoor all year, and the
    design is inspired by old willow furniture.

    In this install:

    Marie Chair


    In beautiful exclusive Falkenberg Strandhotel in
    sweden, furniture from our Exterior are used to
    create the perfect atmosphere. All models in Exterior
    collections can be used outdoor and are handbend
    aluminium woven with artfibre. Use cushions in
    different patterns and colors to complement the
    furniture and create a special style.


    In this install:

    Belladonna Sofa

    Caroline 3-Seater


    UNiK CAFÉ, in Alicante, Spain is beautifully
    styled with Isabell chairs from our Affaire
    colletion. Isabell chair is light, comfortable
    and can create the cozy bistro atmosphere
    in any restaurant. Isabell chair is handwoven
    artfibre on manau rattan frame. It is available
    both with and without armrest, and we offer a
    selection of custommade color combinations.


    In this install: 
    Isabell Chair