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Viggo Boesen

Was trained as an architect, and in the 1930’s he was one of the architect’s, who introduced the new villa type in “Funkis-style” which was popular with a wider audience.

Together with Finn Juhl he furnished the first apartment on “Sortedamsdosseringen” in Copenhagen, where his easy chair made of rattan was displayed in the living room.

From his workshop he designed a number of pieces of rattan and upholstery furniture, which were constructed according to his philosophy. Furniture whould have an organic flow and embrace the body smoothly and tenderly. It should be a delight to the eye, but also be solid and durable.

Viggo Boesen designed a number of pieces of modernist profiled wicker furniture, which were based on the strength and durability of rattan.

Viggo Boesen’s FOX lounge chair won the design competition, that the Danish wicker-maker guild held in 1936. His inspiring, imaginative designs made him unique, and put him among the designers of the “Danish golden age”.

Sika-Design is proud to be the first to bring a Viggo Boesen design back into the market. FOX lounge chair is the first of many furniture pieces from this pioneer in organic furniture design.

Viggo Boesen is little known today but slowly his designs are becoming more and more known and popular around the world. His original furniture is being sold for unbelievable amounts in the worlds leading auction houses, in particularly his Little Petra.

Viggo Boesen FOX chairs in



Designed in 1936 | Material: Manau & Tohiti rattan

Item no: VB-11

FOX Chair by Viggo Boesen


With our ICONS Collection we revitalize iconic pieces of furniture from some of Europe´s most skilled and important architects and designers. Arne Jacobsen, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and Franco Albini were all pioneers of their time – they broke new ground when they made experimental shapes with the sturdy materials of rattan and wicker and created sculptural and timeless icons. With great respect and admiration for the original designs and in close collaboration with the descendants of these renowned furniture makers, we are pleased and proud to be able to bring these icons back.

FOX chair by Viggo Boesen

FOX Chair

Viggo Boesen’s FOX lounge chair is designed in 1936 and made in Manau Tohiti rattan. In 1936 Viggo Boesen won the design competition held by the Danish wicker-maker guild, with his FOX chair design.

VB-13 Teddy by Viggo Boesen Coming soon

“Unknown Winged Armchair”

An unknown winged armchair by Viggo Boesen, is soon to be found in our ICONS collection