Jin Kuramoto

Jin Kuramoto (1976-) is a Japanese designer who graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 1999. With an experimental approach to design, and a great respect for the unique inherent properties of each material, Kuramoto tells a story through each of his designs.

Kuramoto has received international recognition and numerous awards including the Red Dot Award, Good Design award and the iF Product Design Award.

Explore our iconic pieces by Jin Kuramoto


The Machiya bench and Machiya stool was designed by Jin Kuramoto in 2020.

Machiya is the name of traditional wooden townhouses found throughout Japan. These townhouses are built side-by-side, making them space efficiently, and have characteristic wooden lattices on the facade. Through beautiful lines and a smart storage shelf these features are implemented in the Machiya furniture.

The Machiya furniture is also available for outdoor, Machiya Exterior bench and Machiya Exterior stool.


The Hikari lampshade was designed by Jin Kuramoto in 2022. Hikari has an inner steel frame that provides a good weight which ensures that the lampshade hangs nice and stable.