Bar Stool

Indoor barstool 

Our barstools are made in rattan. 

All our barstools require no maintenance and eventually will turn into a slightly lighter gray color.
Material: rattan.

See our collection of outdoor barstools.

We do not recommend to use our indoor barstools outside since weather will break them.

Sika-Design Blues Counter Stool | Antique €495,00
Sika-Design Isabell Bar Stool | White €439,00
Sika-Design Salsa Bar Stool | Antique €329,00
Sika-Design Charles Counter Stool | Teak €319,00
Sika-Design Simone Bar Stool | Black €299,00
Sika-Design Simone Bar Stool | Cappucino €299,00
Sika-Design Simone Bar Stool | White €299,00
Sika-Design Simone Counter Stool | Black €279,00
Sika-Design Simone Counter Stool | Cappucino €273,00
Sika-Design Simone Counter Stool | White €279,00