Arne Jacobsen


Paris Exterior Lounge Chair | Natur

The Paris chair was the first chair designed by Arne Jacobsen. In 1925, it was presented on the Paris-Art-Deco-Exhibition and received a silver medal for his design. Following, he saw the "Le Corbusier´s L'Espirit Nouveau" pavilion, which inspired his further work. In 1929, we won a gold medal for his ultra-modern concept of "The House of the Future". He became the most visionary and progressive architect of his time.

The Exterior lounge chair is made of Artfibre and has an aluminum frame, which makes it possible to use in all types of weather.

Width: 69 cm | 27.2 inches *

Depth: 107 cm | 42.2 inches *

Height: 82 cm | 32.3 inches *

Seat height: 34 cm | 13.4 inches *

Weight: 10 kg | 0 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on