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R. Wengler

Who was born in Germany, perfected the fine craftmanship of making wicker furniture in materials like rush and willow, materials which you could find and grow in Europe.

Louis Wengler, the son of Robert Wengler, found the exotic material rattan at the Leipziger fair in Germany. R. Wengler was appointed as wicker maker to the Crown in 1914 as King Christian X placed a large order for rattan furnishing.

Robert Wengler was now known as the best wicker maker in Denmark and many, now famous, architects came to his workshop to receive know-how and understanding about weaving and wicker work.

Among those were Danish architects Arne Jacobsen, Viggo Boesen, Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel and Kay Bojesen. They had many of their prototypes made in R. Wenglers workshop in Copenhagen.

Today R. Wengler stands as one of the pioneers in rattan production. What he did to the craftmanship and the way he challenged the material, paves the way for the way me know rattan furniture today.

Sika-Design carry on this proud tradition as the worlds leading manufacturer of premium handcrafted rattan furniture.

R. Wengler Royal Danish Wicker Maker



Designed in 1902 | Material: Tohiti rattan

Item no: WG-12

Wengler Chairs By R. Wengler
Wenglers workshop sign


With our ICONS Collection we revitalize iconic pieces of furniture from some of Europe´s most skilled and important architects and designers. Arne Jacobsen, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and Franco Albini were all pioneers of their time – they broke new ground when they made experimental shapes with the sturdy materials of rattan and wicker and created sculptural and timeless icons. With great respect and admiration for the original designs and in close collaboration with the descendants of these renowned furniture makers, we are pleased and proud to be able to bring these icons back.

WG-12 Wengler Chair

Wengler Chair

The Wengler chair is designed in 1902 by R. Wengler in his workshop in Copenhagen. The chair is an iconic classic and a display of the high quality craftmanship in Wenglers work with wicker furniture.

Fleur chair coming soon


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